Bedform Dynamics and Stratigraphy Experimental Set-up



  • Recirculate both water and sediment
  • Water Discharge, Bed Slope, and Water Depth Conditions

     Sediment flux measurement capabilities:

    • Tipping bucket with load cells for time-series total load measurement for experiments with coarse sediment (>250 micron minimum grain size)
    • Sediment extraction from fully mixed return-flow pipe for time-average total load for experiments with fine sediment (<1000 micron maximum grain size)
    • Six isokinetic suspended sediment extraction tubes for single-depth-point suspended concentration measurements within the test reach (<1000 micron maximum grain size)
  • Instrumentation
    • Two Nortek Vectrino II acoustic Doppler velocimeters
    • 3.5 kHz Ultrasonic depth profiler on automated linear actuator
      • Capable of high temporal and spatial resolution/precision bed topographic profiles over 2.5 m profiling window
    • Cameras and webcams for high resolution imagery and live webcasting
  • Currently Available Sediment
    • Lognormally distributed clean sand, D50 = 320 micron, D15 ~ 125 micron, D85 ~ 650 micron (source: Seminoe aeolian dunes, WY)
    • Bimodal coarse sand and gravel
Lab Facilities: 
University of Wyoming