SEN Goals and Philosophy

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The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) is an NSF-sponsored project whose goal it is to support a data-enabled community for experimental Earth-surface process research.  SEN projects include (1) the Experimental Collaboratories (SEN-EC) to facilitate collaborative multi-institution experiments, the (2) Education and Data Standards (SEN-ED) initiative to develop and spread best practices for performing and documenting our research work and (3) the Knowledge Base (SEN-KB) to share experimental methods and datasets.


This website is built to support the third goal of building the SEN-KB, the Sediment Experimentalists Network Knowledge Base.  As the SEN-KB is developed, we will sponsor town halls, online forums, and publications to advertise our progress and solicit feedback from the community.


As Sediment Expermentalists we adhere to the "Leave an experimental trace" philosophy. This is succinctly summarized, "Take only measurements, leave only data."