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Welcome to the Sediment Experimentalists Network (SEN) Knowledge Base.  We are here to help you share and discover data, methods, and ideas for experimental earth-surface process research (both laboratory- and field-based).  This website is built on user-generated content, so we encourage active participation and feedback as the Knowledge Base grows.  The Knowledge Base contains data catalog entries and descriptions of experimental setups, methods, equipment. Access all of these via the Browse All link.

  • Discover experimental methods and data
  • Post your published data so they can be used and cited
  • Link pictures, videos, diagrams, publications, and other repositories
  • Use the data catalog entry template to simplify documention of your data sets
  • Export data using the data catalog export


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The Sediment Experimentalists Network is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) EarthCube program and Research Coordination Networks (RCN).  More information is available here: