Quick Start Page


1. Create a login

optionally link to a Google account for easy login










2. Create a new entry

choose the type:
  • data catalog entry (a description of a dataset e.g. published on figshare)
  • experimental set-up (details of an experimental set-up e.g. flume)
  • method (details of the workflow or method to do a specific task, e.g. live stream experiments)
  • equipment (description of an instrument or sensor, e.g. a machine)





3. Fill in information

Add text, images, and link to related URLs. Three pages will guide you through

  • Basic Information (add a title, description, keywords, and images)
  • Related Wiki Pages (start typing the title of any existing wiki pages to link)
  • Admin Settings (you can accept the defaults)

Click Publish when you are done to make your record public, or Save to keep it private.  You can publish the page later when it is ready.