St. Anthony Falls drip box


The drip box was built in 2014 to drive rainsplash transport in the existing eXperimental Landscape Evolution (XLE) facility at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. The setup consists of a PVC box suspended from the ceiling and connected to a motorized constant head tank. The box is inset into the existing circular mister such that the mister can rotate freely when the box is mounted.The underside of the box is fitted with 625 hypodermic needles of a fixed radius; these needles produce drops big enough to disturb sediment on impact. Drip rate can be adjusted by changing the height of the head tank using an automated computer system. 

Paper: K.E. Sweeney, J.J. Roering, and C. Ellis, 2015. Experimental evidence for hillslope control of landscape scale. Science, v. 349, 51-53 DOI: 10.1126/science.aab0017 Data:
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