Setting Up A Hydraulics Laboratory with Limited Resources



Authors:  Brad Huffman, Enrica Viparelli, Ricardo Hernandez


The following are a set of links describing the design and/or construction of the necessary components that make up a Hydraulics Laboratory as well as procedural guides to work in the lab:

            1.  Head Tank Design

            2.  Pipe Networks, Valves and Head Tank Calibration (Volumetric Calibration)

            3.  Unidirectional Sediment-Feed Tilting Flume

                        - Sediment Trap Design

                        - Recirculation of Laboratory Sediment (Drying and Bagging Process)

            4.  Determination of a Mild or Steep Channel in an Experimental Flume


(If link is not available this means it is either being updated or in the process of being created)