High Density Plastic Accelerometer-embedded "Rock"


Custom cases developed for the enclosure of accelerometers and other motion sensors inside high density plastic case.

Previous Motion Sensor Rocks used concrete cases, which cannot be opened in the field, which is necessary for long term field deployment - to collect data or to replace batteries.

Recovery of sensors is key since data cannot be transmitted through water. RFID PIT tags are used for recovery, but are easily interefered with by metals. So, metal case (which can be easily opened and closed) cannot be used.

These cases are used with orings and bolts, can be easily opened and re-closed in the field for quick redeployment. The plastic itself has density of 3.3 g/cc and has room for a Gulf Coast Data Concepts accelerometer (http://www.gcdataconcepts.com/xlr8r-1.html), 3 AA batteries, and a circular RFID PIT tag (http://www.oregonrfid.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=64).


Cases manufactured by Ecomass, Inc, Austin, TX Designed by Kealie Goodwin, with solidworks assistance from Greg Kline. Project Supervised by Joel Johnson, University of Texas at Austin