Meandering River Experimental Video

Overhead video of meandering river experiments with constant discharge and sediment supply. Flow is from left to right. 

Delta Veg

Experiments conducted with alfalfa to observe how plants change delta growth and dynamics. There are 6 runs. Runs 1-4 have constant discharge, Runs 5-6 have fluctuating discharge. Runs 1 and 5 are control runs with no plants, and Runs 2-4 and 6 have plants with varying growing conditions. All experiments have 2cm water depth and 150um silica sand. The data and more details can be found on the SEN SEAD page, or contact to obtain the dataset.

VeggieTales experiments

We examined the effects of vegetation, vegetation density, and veg location on overall delta and channel dynamics. We conducted a series of experiments with a variety of seeding styles, including 1 unvegetated control run. Experiments were all conducted under the same water and sediment input conditions, with vegetation as the only variable.

Bedload transport though vegetation

Experiments using simulated vegetation to understand how different vegetation densities (0-4% density by area) modify near-bed flow turbulence, flow structures and bedload transport.  Data include spatial variation in bedload fluxes around vegetation and total bedload fluxes measured using high-speed video for 12 runs.  Near-bed flow instantaneous velocities and velocity profiles (streamwise and vertical directions) were also measured in 3 streamwise transects using PIV.