Steadiness of dilute, particle-laden density currents

We conducted experiments to examine how steadiness-unsteadiness of source parameters is reflected in density currents in air. We ran experiments with other wise steady supply broken by two intervals (e.g. 30-10-30-10-30, or 30-5-30-5-30, where currents were supplied for 3 intervals of 30 s separated by 10 or 5 second pauses). 

Measuring active aeolian saltation

Deployment of field coupled wind and sand transport instruments to monitor aeolian saltation.

Bedload transport though vegetation

Experiments using simulated vegetation to understand how different vegetation densities (0-4% density by area) modify near-bed flow turbulence, flow structures and bedload transport.  Data include spatial variation in bedload fluxes around vegetation and total bedload fluxes measured using high-speed video for 12 runs.  Near-bed flow instantaneous velocities and velocity profiles (streamwise and vertical directions) were also measured in 3 streamwise transects using PIV.