tectonic geomorphology

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Fold erosion by an antecedent river

This collection contains the photographs and the topographic scans of the experiments published in Bufe A., Paola C., Burbank D.W., 2016. Fluvial bevelling of topography controlled by lateral channel mobility and uplift rate. Nature Geoscience., 9(9), 706-710, doi:10.1038/ngeo2773.

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Laboratory experiments simulating the geomorphic response to tectonic uplift

We present the results of an experimental study of topography dynamics under conditions of constant precipitation and uplift rate. The experiment is designed to develop a complete drainage network by the growth and propagation of erosion instabilities in response to tectonic perturbations. The quantitative analysis of topographic evolution is made possible by using telemetric lasers that perform elevation measurements at an excellent level of precision.