Small scale debris flow experimental setup


Small scale debris flow experimental setup — Equipment, Method (and Data soon)


The flume is a simplification of the design presented by de Haas et al. (2015), who measured sediment sorting and debris flow runout in a scaled down setting. 

There are two components:

DIY Recirculating Stream Table


originally posted at http://www.mrhollisterphoto.com/stream-table.html, updated 1/8/16, reposted with permission

How to Make a Great Recirculating Stream Table on the Cheap (Less than $50)

DIY Stream Table Time Lapse [youtube]
DIY Stream Table Profile [youtube]

An Introduction to Physical Modeling of Rivers (SIESD introduction to experiments)

This exercise was created by Gordon Grant and has been used at the NCED Summer Institute (SIESD) to introduce participants to physical modeling from 2010-2014.