Mixing salt-water solution for density current experiments

Common table salt (sodium chloride) is mixed with water to yield a high-density fluid for turbidity current experiments. A large tub is filled with water and bags of salt are added in 50 lb. (22 kg) increments. To dissolve the salt, a centrifugal pump is placed at the the bottom of the tub and is run for approximately one hour per bag of salt. To minimize corrosion, the pump is removed from the tub after use and submerged in a 5-gallon bucket of fresh water.

Dunes on Salt

We conducted experiments of dunes sitting on a mobile substrate to determine how the ratio of sand to salt thickness controlled dune subsidence. Experiments were conducted in a small tank using PDMS as a proxy for salt. A single dune (a cross-section of a linear dune, as linear dunes were thought to be on top of salt in the Gulf of Mexico) was deposited rapidly on top of the polymer and allowed to subside over time. We have raw time lapse images from two experiments with two different thickness ratios.