Mixing salt-water solution for density current experiments

Common table salt (sodium chloride) is mixed with water to yield a high-density fluid for turbidity current experiments. A large tub is filled with water and bags of salt are added in 50 lb. (22 kg) increments. To dissolve the salt, a centrifugal pump is placed at the the bottom of the tub and is run for approximately one hour per bag of salt. To minimize corrosion, the pump is removed from the tub after use and submerged in a 5-gallon bucket of fresh water.

Silica mixing for landscape evolution experiments

Crystalline silica flour was mixed with water to serve as the experimental substrate for landscape evolution experiments at the XLE facility at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Mixing the sediment with water reduces infiltration and increases material cohesion. 

Handling this material requires a half-face respirator and full PPE; check with your institution's Health and Safety office for specific containment and material handling policies.