granular flow

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Rheology of sediment transport by a laminar flow

In this experiment, a laminar flow shear a bed of particles, which are fully tracked, using Refractive Index Matching, and image analysis.

Dataset corresponding to data represented in the paper published at Nature Communications:

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Bedrock erosion by granular flow in the Maytag flume

We conducted laboratory experiments to test the hypothesis that bedrock erosion is related to grain collisional stresses which scale with shear rate and particle size. We placed granular material in a 56-cm-diameter rotating drum to explore the relationship between erosion of a synthetic bedrock sample and variables such as grain size, shear rate, water content, and bed strength.

Enhanced-g centrifuge experiments of granular flows in a drum

The experiments (ongoing, 2013-2014) focus on granular flow in a rotating drum in the enhanced-g environment of a centrifuge, following the precedent of Brucks et al. [2007], to span the regimes from avalanching to cascading flow, in a range of 1 to 200g.
Contacts: Colin Stark,; Chi-Yao Hung