Subaqueous and subaerial currents with net deposition

These experiments use an inflow to transport sediment and build sedimentary deposits. Under the subaqeuous basin condition, the basin is filled with fresh water and a density current is generated using saline solution. Under the subaerial basin condition, fresh water is supplied to the basin.

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SAFL density current basin

Basin for fluvial sediment transport experiments, including density currents. Two slope breaks in the basin favor sediment deposition, with a maximum accomodation space of approximately 5 cm. The bed slope is adjustable. Pumps are used to supply inflow and to control the water level.

Data acquisition options include overheard photos and topographic scanning.

Size: 4.0 m x 1.0 m x 0.5 m (length, width, height)


Meandering River Experimental Video

Overhead video of meandering river experiments with constant discharge and sediment supply. Flow is from left to right. 

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Fold erosion by an antecedent river

This collection contains the photographs and the topographic scans of the experiments published in Bufe A., Paola C., Burbank D.W., 2016. Fluvial bevelling of topography controlled by lateral channel mobility and uplift rate. Nature Geoscience., 9(9), 706-710, doi:10.1038/ngeo2773.

DIY Recirculating Stream Table


originally posted at http://www.mrhollisterphoto.com/stream-table.html, updated 1/8/16, reposted with permission

How to Make a Great Recirculating Stream Table on the Cheap (Less than $50)

DIY Stream Table Time Lapse [youtube]
DIY Stream Table Profile [youtube]

Bedform Dynamics and Stratigraphy Experimental Set-up


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Bedform Dynamics and Stratigraphy Experimental Data

Ongoing experiments to develop and validate models for reconstructing paleohydraulics and sediment transport from sandy fluvial cross set strata. Experiments are being conducted in the University of Wyoming Water Resources Facility's 7.3-meter recirculating flume channel.