Titan Experiment for Influence of Ice Composition on Tensile Strength and Erosion Rates on Titan

Video explaining the workflow of experiments on the tensile strength of ice.
Location: Richmond Field Station.
Researcher: Kimberly Litwin-Miller.

YouTube video:

Related publication:
Litwin, K. L., B. R. Zygielbaum, P. J. Polito, L. S. Sklar, and G. C. Collins (2012), Influence of temperature, composition, and grain size on the tensile failure of water ice: Implications for erosion on Titan, J. Geophys. Res., 117, E08013, doi:10.1029/2012JE004101.

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Fold erosion by an antecedent river

This collection contains the photographs and the topographic scans of the experiments published in Bufe A., Paola C., Burbank D.W., 2016. Fluvial bevelling of topography controlled by lateral channel mobility and uplift rate. Nature Geoscience., 9(9), 706-710, doi:10.1038/ngeo2773.

Making synthetic bedrock for erosion experiments - Hsu

Synthetic rock samples made of cement and silica sand were mixed to target strengths for the erosion experiments. 

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Scaling up debris-flow experiments on a centrifuge

Boundary forces generated by debris flows can be powerful enough to erode bedrock and cause considerable damage to infrastructure during runout. Formulation of an erosion-rate law for debris flows is therefore a high priority, and it makes sense to build such a law around laboratory experiments.  We scale up granular impact forces by running our experiments under enhanced gravity in a geotechnical centrifuge. Using a 40cm-diameter rotating drum spun at up to 100g, we generate debris flows with an effective depth of over several meters.
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Bedrock erosion by granular flow in the Maytag flume

We conducted laboratory experiments to test the hypothesis that bedrock erosion is related to grain collisional stresses which scale with shear rate and particle size. We placed granular material in a 56-cm-diameter rotating drum to explore the relationship between erosion of a synthetic bedrock sample and variables such as grain size, shear rate, water content, and bed strength.
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Laboratory abrasion mills to study river incision into bedrock

Data from the manuscript Sklar and Dietrich, Sediment and rock strength controls on river incision into bedrock, Geology, v. 29, no. 12, p. 1087-1090.

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Debris flow erosion experiments

Experiments in a 4-meter diameter, 80-cm wide vertically rotating flume to study bedrock erosion by debris flows. Force plate, height, bedrock topography, video, and image data.