Delta Veg

Experiments conducted with alfalfa to observe how plants change delta growth and dynamics. There are 6 runs. Runs 1-4 have constant discharge, Runs 5-6 have fluctuating discharge. Runs 1 and 5 are control runs with no plants, and Runs 2-4 and 6 have plants with varying growing conditions. All experiments have 2cm water depth and 150um silica sand. The data and more details can be found on the SEN SEAD page, or contact to obtain the dataset.

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Ice Delta Experiments

We conducted a set of ice-covered delta experiments at the University of Texas at Austin to investigate the changes in delta morphology and associated depositional processes as a result of interaction with ice cover. Please use SEAD SEN collection link to obstain full dataset.

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Delta shoreline completeness - Experiments and models

Models for determining stratigraphic completeness of shoreline trajectories from delta experiments. Dataset includes shoreline trajectories from an experimental delta constructed as part of the 2013 NCED Summer Institute on Earth Surface Dynamics at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Models and data from the following publication:

Quantifying the stratigraphic completeness of delta shoreline trajectories: Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface (2015), v. 120, doi:10.1002/2014JF003298.

VeggieTales experiments

We examined the effects of vegetation, vegetation density, and veg location on overall delta and channel dynamics. We conducted a series of experiments with a variety of seeding styles, including 1 unvegetated control run. Experiments were all conducted under the same water and sediment input conditions, with vegetation as the only variable.

The Progradation of a Delta on a Mobile Substrate: Experiment

We conducted a series of experiments at the University of Texas at Austin to discover the effect of a mobile substrate on an evolving delta. All of the runs had constant sediment supply, water supply, and base level, but varied mobile substrate thicknesses.

Basin Depth Control on the Fluvial Autogenic Processes of Deltaic Systems

Data includes results from a series of delta-building experiments designed to determine the response of these internal processes and timescales to varying basin water depth. 

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SEN Community Experiment at Utrecht University

Community experiment at Utrecht University, two deltas, one on a mobile substrate.