Conveyor belt flume

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TDB-11-1, Tulane Delta Basin

TDB-11-1: Fan-delta experiment performed in Tulane University Delta Basin. Experiment evolved under constant forcings of water (0.902 l/s), sediment (0.011 l/s), and sea-level rise rate 5 mm/hr). Experiment run time was 77.2 hr. Experiment used non-cohesive sediment that was 70% by volume well sorted quartz sand with a median diameter of 110 microns and 30% by volume crushed coal with a median diameter of 400 microns. Experiment performed to explore autogenic sediment transport and stratigraphy with topography monitored every 2 minutes of run time.

Conveyor belt flume

Conveyor belt flume for creating recirculating steady state flows.

Geometry: length = 2.5 m, channel width = 0.12 m, inclination range between 0° and 30°

Typical sample volume ~ 4-8 litres