University of Wyoming Recirculating Flume ("Frankenflume")

  • Location: University of Wyoming Water Resources Laboratory
  • Dimensions and Capacity:
    • 7.3 m long test section, 0.29 m wide, 0.35m deep
    • Single slurry pump capable of up to 35 L/s discharge
    • Adjustable slope from 0 to .05 m/m in arbitrary increments
    • Six plexiglass windows in lower 5 m of test section for viewing or photographic data collection
  • Features and Capabilities:
    • Recirculates both water and sediment
      • Recirculate grain sizes up to 1cm
    • Constant discharge or constant head flow
    • Sediment flux measurement capabilities:
      • Tipping bucket with load cells for time-series total load measurement for experiments with coarse sediment (>250 micron minimum grain size)
      • Sediment extraction from fully mixed return-flow pipe for time-average total load for experiments with fine sediment (<1000 micron maximum grain size)
      • Six isokinetic suspended sediment extraction tubes for single-depth-point suspended concentration measurements within the test reach (<1000 micron maximum grain size)
Lab Facilities: