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The following article provides codes and samples for rulers at centimeter and milimeter scale that may be used in the process of outfiting a flume for experiments.

Rulers are fundamental for visual-inspection measurements. Having good quality rulers makes taking those measuerments much easier and precise while also providing good visuals for photographic evidence.

General specifications

The codes for generating the rulers are written in LaTeX, using PGF/TiKZ to produce high-quality, 1:1 scale, precise rulers, for large-format plotting. The rulers alternate between black and red, on a white background, for ease of reading and to provide high-contrast for photgraphs. The codes are commented in such a way that costumization for particular needs can be easily accomplished.

Centimeter-scale (long) rulers

The long rulers are centimeter-scale, intended to be printed on low-tack Photo Tex adhesive paper and placed atop and on the sides of the unidirectional, sediment feed, tilting flume of the University of South Carolina.

There are 14 1-m rulers, stacked vertically, plus 3 30-cm rulers, arranged so that they will fit on a large-format, continuous feed plotter.

Code for generating the long rulers (PDF sample) can be found on GitHub: [].

Milimiter-scale (short) rulers

The short rulers are milimiter-scale, intended to be printed on static-cling transparent film and placed on the glass windows of the flume.

Code for generating the milimeter rulers (pdf sample) can be found of Github: []

A helper program (stack-rulers-small.tex) is also provided to aid in quickly stacking pre-generated rulers, thus avoiding potential memory limitations of LaTeX. The resulting document is intended to be printed on a medium-format plotter.