Distribution of particle excursion lengths across a wide range of Rouse numbers

Suleyman Naqshband
Brandon McElroy, Robert C. Mahon
University of Wyoming

Particle motion and travel lengths were measured for a wide range of flow conditions using a recirculating plexiglass flume at the University of Wyoming. The flume was 3.25 m x 0.1 m with an effective measuring section of 2.45 m. A series of 8 video cameras was installed each covering 20.0 cm streamwise distance of the effective measuring length and 15.0 cm in the vertical. Each camera imaged at 25 frames per second with 1080x1920 pixel resolution covering a total length of 1.60 m that provided the basis for tracking particle motions over relatively large distances. The test section of 1.60 m was located 0.80 m downstream from the flow entrance to ensure fully developed turbulence.Experiments were carried out in dark under black lights with fluorescent painted plastic and sand particles.


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